Non-Resident Taxation

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal
A major event such as Festival International de Jazz de Montréal presents each year a large number of foreign artists.

Every arts organization who makes a payment to a non-resident artist or company for services rendered in Canada must withhold and remit a 15% withholding tax (arts organizations established in Quebec are also subject to additional withholding requirements).

While a waiver process exist, it is administratively cumbersome and slow. A request for a waiver should normally be filed at least 30 days the first performance in Canada. However, waiver processing time have been frequently exceeding this service standard, and we are now recommending non-resident to file at least 45 days before services are to begin.

In addition, there are information return and tax return obligations that are little known, but that can cause serious problems to non-resident artists. Failure to submit an information return or an income tax return will result in penalties, which will add another degree of complexity to any additional Canadian engagement the non-resident may have.

In order to achieve greater efficiency and better risk management in the administration of non-resident taxation, arts organizations have come together to form a Performing Arts Tax Working Group. This webpage provides resources and the latest news from this working group.



This infographic was developed for the Performing Arts Tax Working Group, with support from Regroupement des événements majeurs internationaux and Festivals and Major Events.
The Way Out of the Maze of International Taxation

The Way Out of the Maze – recording of the web conversation, February 21, 2017

The Way Out of the Maze – main presentation

The Way Out of the Maze – overview of non-resident taxation

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News Updates

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