Mentors Too Have Learning Needs

April 28, 2015 – Mentorship is a key piece in the succession planning puzzle. But being an effective mentor isn’t an easy task. It requires a broad set of skills, which can be acquired and developed. That’s why CAPACOA, WorkInCulture and the Cultural Human Resources Council have developed a mentor training program.

Participants in The Succession Plan at Contact EastCAPACOA and its partners, in consultation with Louise Poulin, have researched, experimented and evaluated existing mentorship resources, and developed a new collection of tools around the art of mentorship. Critical mentor competencies were mapped over a series of three workshops that form a comprehensive curriculum for both experienced mentors and those who are new to the experience. These workshops can be delivered in person or via web conferencing. They include self assessment tools and interactive activities.

While these workshops were designed to be delivered as part of CAPACOA's The Succession Plan program, other arts service organizations can adapt and to implement them in the context of other mentorship programs.

CAPACOA wishes to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Government of Ontario towards the development of this mentor training program.

Consult the Mentor Training Program

Opportunities to hold a mentorship program

CAPACOA remains fully committed to supporting mentorship and peer network development in the performing arts. If your organization is interested in providing mentorship opportunities to its client base, please contact CAPACOA’s Project Manager, Frédéric Julien, to inquire about possibilities to hold a The Succession Plan program.


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