Networks at Work

May 13, 2015 – In early May, Canadian presenting networks participated in two important events in conjunction with Ontario Scene. The first was dedicated to developing healthy leaders and healthy networks; the second, at fostering a healthy and collaborative touring and presenting sector.

Smiliing participants at the Arts Leadership InstituteOn May 2-4, eight senior staff of presenting networks participated in an Arts Leadership Institute in Cantley, QC. Working with faciliators Jerry Yoshitomi and Jeffrey Golde, participants reflected on distributed leadership and other leadership styles. Participants then developed and shared plans to actualize their personal and professional aspirations. Participants also considered the value propositions of presenting networks with their various stakeholders. Ultimately, presenting networks enhance the capacities of presenters, agents and artists to transform people and communities.

Then, on May 5-6 representatives of 18 presenting networks gathered in Ottawa for the annual National Network Meeting. This year's meeting provided participants with opportunities to consider the inclusivity of their networks, to set the stage for collaborative professional development initiatives, to update research plans, and to explore new ways of fostering artist development and showcasing. The meeting also involved dialogues with the Canadian Arts Coalition and the department of Canadian Heritage.

Two networks were participating in the National Network Meeting for the first time: Festivals and Major Events (represented by Luminato), as well as the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance. Both networks provided very valuable perspectives in the meeting. FAME contributed to discussion on Regulation 105 and IPAA enabled participants to tackle a range of issues with an Aboriginal lens. "It was a huge learning curve participating in the well facilitated leadership retreat and Network meetings in Ottawa. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak for my membership in a meaningful setting and to be heard by colleagues across Turtle Island (North America)," said Cole Alvis, Executive Director of the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance.

Presenting networks are assessing the state of the showcase model and discussing options for collaborative conferences.

CAPACOA would like to thank Canadian Heritage and the Canada Council for the Arts for their support to these two events.


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