CINARS Signs Agreement with Chinese Association

June 15, 2015 – CINARS finalized a collaboration agreement with the China Association of Performing Arts (CAPA), a not-for-profit organization that answers directly to China’s Ministry of Culture, and which boasts a membership of 10,000.

Front: Ms Pan Yan, CAPA’s Secretary General and Mr. Alain Paré, CEO of CINARS. Back: Mr. Zhu Kening, Vice-president of the CAPA joined by the President of West China Performing Arts Alley and representatives of the Enshi government.The agreement was signed while Mr. Alain Paré, CINARS’s president and CEO, was attending the China International Performance Arts Fair (CIPAF), a professional event organized annually by the CAPA. This latest edition of the event took place last April in Enshi, in the Hubei province of China.

The collaborative agreement paves the way for each organization to send delegations to each other’s respective events, as well as encourages reciprocal commercial missions in both countries. It also aims to push forth cultural exchanges between China, Quebec, and Canada by nurturing the development of residencies and co-production programs. As well, CINARS committed itself to offer CAPA its expertise by providing training seminars and conferences relevant to its members. In return, CAPA offered to provide support for touring Quebec and Canadian companies in China.

CINARS, whose mission is to encourage and support the export of the performing arts, has been endeavoring for several years to develop touring opportunities on Chinese soil. This new agreement represents a major step in Canadian-Chinese cultural relations and promises to bear fruit shortly in the form of several new projects.



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