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Interesting Report on Live Streaming

June 19, 2015 – The impact and potential of live streaming has been an ongoing discussion within the Canadian presenting sector. The same is true in the U. S. classical scene, and Musical America sumed it up in a special report.

Digital streaming report coverThe promise has been there for a while: streaming your live performances to a vastly expanded worldwide audience. But only recently have all the elements come together, such as Internet speed, ecommerce tools, reduced video creation costs and audience comfort with the digital streaming medium.

Is it time to take a serious leap into live digital streaming? CAPACOA raised the question as part of The Value of Presenting and held an acclaimed workshop with Inga Petri in January. Musical America also explored the topic in depth. They asked the bellwethers how they did it and interviewed experts to discover the best ways to get started (and where the pitfalls are).

Just a few Special Report features:

  • Where to put live digital streaming in the media mix (p. 28)
  • How the Detroit Symphony live-streamed its way to success (p. 3)
  • Platforms and providers: who specializes in the performing arts (p. 18)
  • Platforms and providers: who specializes in the performing arts (p. 18)
  • Tips for first-time streamers (p. 8)



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