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Presenting Networks at the ECMW

March 30, 2016 – CAPACOA and Atlantic Presenters Assocation are partnering with other presenting networks to present a panel at the East Coast Music Week, in Sidney, Nova Scotia, April 14, 2016.

ECMW, Sydney/NS, April 13-17 2016The 'Canadian Presenting Touring Networks’ forum will provide insight to artists and artist representatives and to unveil the different roadmaps available to build and expand touring networks in communities across Canada. Moderated by CAPACOA Executive Director, Sue Urquhart, this informal session will also include regional presenting networks, the Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta/ Alberta Showcase, Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC)/ OSAC Showcase, Ontario Presents/ Ontario Contact, the Atlantic Presenters Association/ Contact East and CAPACOA. Topics will include audience engagement, market demand, showcasing process, presenters needs and requirements, fee & pricing structure, block booking, community outreach programs and the tools to deliver an effective showcase and maintain a business presence at contact events. Pre-registration and conference pass is required.


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