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Where Does Audience Research Takes Us Next?

April 18, 2016 – Give a research report to a performing arts presenter, and he or she will look into it for one thing: audience insights. The problem is, not enough research in Canada actually delivers actionable audience insights. Other nations are nonetheless taking audience research down exciting paths.

"In this paper, I have collected the data on data collection"The discussion paper Pathways in Audience Research explores the pros and cons of different research methods. It also gives specific examples of noteworthy research efforts in Canada and abroad, and it provides links to useful resources.

It is not designed to be an authoritative paper, but rather a contribution in the ongoing dialogue about audience research within the Canadian arts research community. Readers are invited to comment it in Google Doc or to read the PDF and send us comments.

CAPACOA wants to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council towards this project. We also want to acknowledge the valuable ongoing dialogue with other research champions, including Orchestras Canada, Business for the Arts, Strategic Moves, Hill Strategies Research, Canada Council for the Arts, and Canadian Heritage.

Pathways in Audience Research [Google Doc]

Pathways in Audience Research [PDF]


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