Art for Social Good

June 16, 2016 – Across Canada and around the world, artists are working with diverse communities in participatory art making processes: art for social change, socially-engaged art, community arts, and cultural mediation all fall within this movement.

Recently, art for social change was the topic of a recent report entitled State of the Art : A Report on Art for Social Change in Canada. Art of Social Change is a growing field that shares a few similarities with performing arts presentation: a purposeful intent to connect artists with communities, and a resorting to partnerships as a means to building audiences and communities.

Leading from bedside: community-engaged dance symposium and exhibitionAlong the same lines, another report entitled Leading from Beside investigated community engaged arts from a municipal recreation/leisure framework. This report will be of particular value to municipal presenters and recreation programmers: it offers cases, guidelines and support in taking the first steps to work with artists on community-engaged arts projects.

For a deeper exploration of the topic, mark Leading from Beside: A Celebration of Community Engaged Dance on your agenda. This symposium will be hosted by Made in BC and Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, on September 16-17.


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