CAPACOA's AGM Goes Virtual

July 11, 2012 - As part of CAPACOA’s continuing efforts to enhance members’ access to services and programs through the use of innovative technology, the association will hold its first virtual Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

In response to a series of consultations with the membership, CAPACOA recently moved the annual conference from its traditional November timeslot to January 2013. As a result of this scheduling change to better serve the needs of its membership, the Annual General Meeting now stands as an independent event. Moving forward, this exciting new change will make it possible for all CAPACOA members to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting, simply by logging in on October 17th from wherever they are - whether in Canada or abroad.

After extensive research and careful consideration, CAPACOA chose Adobe Connect web conferencing to make this exciting transition to a virtual AGM, as it offers the same level of interactivity as an on-site AGM and a safe handling of votes.

“The Adobe Connect environment is secure, user-friendly and highly interactive. It’s the next best thing to “being there” – I think members will be impressed. At the same time it will allow them to save valuable time and money. We hope to see a record number of members attend the AGM to have their voices heard and their votes counted,” said Erin Benjamin, Executive Director.

All members and stakeholders are invited to 'test drive' this web conferencing solution this Thursday, July 12, at 3:00 pm (EDT). Training sessions will be held in advance of the Annual General Meeting for all members and stakeholders on October 11 and 15. For more details on these sessions and to register for the AGM, visit the 2012 AGM page.

We would like to know how you feel about this change. Please send us your questions or comments via email and take part in the poll below.


Are you looking forward to CAPACOA's first virtual AGM?

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