Good Funding News for BCTC

Congratulations to the BC Touring Council on the announcement of a multi-year contribution from Canadian Heritage.

BC Touring Council
BCTC has been notified that Canadian Heritage has approved a contribution up to a maximum of $126,000 to BCTC under the programming support component of the Canada Arts Presentation Fund. The contribution to BCTC is to help defray costs associated with its services and programs as a presenter support organization. The contribution will be allocated over two fiscal years: 2013-14 and 2014-15.



The BC Touring Council is a not-for-profit organization serving presenters and touring professional artists for over 35 years. Included in BCTC’s purposes is to support the work of regional performing arts presenters through a networking marketplace, and to promote and support the coordination of tours for primarily BC and Canadian artists. For 20 years, BCTC has hosted its signature event, Pacific Contact, a 3-day annual trade show and booking conference bringing together over 200 presenters, performing artists and artist management agencies.

In January, with less than three months before Pacific Contact, the BC Touring Council was informed that its funding request to the Canada Arts Presentation Fund for the fiscal year 2012-13 was not approved. This contribution represented approximately 25% of BCTC's budget.

Through an open letter including over 900 signatures and comments of support to Minister Moore in March, 2012, BCTC requested that its Canadian Heritage financial support be reinstated. Nearly a year after funding had been denied for 2012-13, BCTC received notice of the approval of a large percentage of the requested amount for the next two fiscal years.

The Board, Staff and members of the BC Touring Council wish to thank the Honourable James Moore, Minister, and staff at Canadian Heritage for their renewed support.

Reproduced and adapted with permission from the Alliance for Arts and Culture



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