Culture Frontstage at Cross-Sectoral Summit

November 4, 2014 – CAPACOA and Culture Days are partnering to present a Culture Shock debate at the inaugural Community Knowledge Exchange Summit.

Community Knowledge ExchangeOn Thursday, November 20 at 2:45 p.m. EST, CAPACOA and Culture Days will present an Oxford-style debate on the economic and intrinsic impact and value of arts and cultural participation. Titled Hard Facts VS. Proverbial Truths – The Impact of Arts and Culture on Canadian Citizens and Communities, this provocative Oxford-style debate will be moderated by Simon Brault, Director and CEO, Canada Council for the Arts, and pit Alain Dubuc, award winning economic journalist from La Presse up against Shawn van Sluys, Executive Director of the Musagetes Foundation.

  • How can we assess and understand the value and consequent impact of arts and cultural participation on citizens and communities of all sizes across Canada?
  • Are the intrinsic and intangible benefits and impacts on the human spirit, creativity, education and other socio-cultural factors the most important to understand? How do we best capture, frame and share these benefits and impacts?
  • Or, are the benefits and impacts best served by a deeper understanding of the economic and data-driven metrics of a thriving arts and cultural sector?

The debate will generate profound insights and ignite discussion on how we understand and assess the value and consequent impact of arts and cultural participation on citizens and communities of all sizes across Canada.

The debate will be one of many Culture Shock moments at the inaugural Community Knowledge Exchange Summit organized the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada and a growing network of partners. This collaboration is part of CAPACOA's efforts to raise the profile of the arts and to build bridges with other sectors

Members of the arts community are encouraged to attend this unique event in Toronto or to watch the live stream.

CAPACOA members who wish to attend the debate in person may contact Frédéric Julien, project manager. for more details.


Post-Debate Poll

Now that our two debaters have eloquently made their points, we are asking live and online debate viewers to cast their final vote on the motion.



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