New Data Depicts the Economics of Culture by Province and Territory

June 10, 2015 – Statistics Canada released the Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account. This publication provides a detailed breakdown of the economic weight of different cultural industries for each province and territory. Curious to know how your province or territory is faring?

What you'll find in the Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account

The Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account (PTCSA) can provide you with:

  1. A detailed chapter on your province or territory;
  2. The gross domestic product (GDP) of specific industries in your province or territory;
  3. The number of culture jobs in specific industries in your province or territory.


Culture GDP equaled $47.7 billion, contributing 3.0% to Canada’s GDP in 2010. It varied considerably in importance across provinces and territories in Canada, from 1.4% in Newfoundland and Labrador to 3.7% in Ontario. Culture jobs accounted for 642,486 jobs in 2010, contributing 3.7% to total employment in Canada.

Chart 1 Culture GDP as a share of total provincial and territorial economy, 2010 (product perspective)

In the Live Performance domain, culture GDP was $2.1 billion in 2010 and culture jobs totalled 57,000. These figures represent culture activities, including in non-culture industries.

The Live Performance GDP was the highest in Quebec: $771 million. The festivals and celebrations sub-domain was also particularly strong in Quebec: its $81 million GDP accounts for 59% of the total festivals and celebrations GDP in Canada.

Relatively speaking, Manitoba's festival sub-domain compares with Quebec's. Its $12 million GDP represents 20% of the Live Performance GDP in Manitoba.

In Ontario, the performing arts sub-domain stands out. It is the biggest in Canada, with a GDP of $732 million.

About the Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account

The PTCSA is an extension of the Canadian Culture Satellite Account published in September 2014. The scope of the study is similar to that of the Canadian Culture Satellite Account, but there were small revisions to the national estimates due to the incorporation of new data. The PTCSA covers all the culture goods and services produced in the economy by establishments in both culture and non-culture industries. However, the PTCSA does not include volunteering activities. While other studies measure the importance of culture, the satellite account approach is both comprehensive and compatible with other macroeconomic indicators and accounts. The PTCSA allows comparisons with other industries or other activities.

The PTCSA was developed by Statistics Canada with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts and many partners.


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