CAPACOA submits pre-budget brief

August 12, 2011 - “Culturally Significant”: The Value and Reliability of Canada’s Creative Sector in Challenging Economic Times.

This brief was submitted to the Standing Committee on Finance, as part of the federal pre-budget consultations. In it, CAPACOA shared its views on issues and questions raised by the Committee, as they relate to the arts and, in particular, the presenting field.

"Sustained investment in the arts contribute directly to job growth, as is well argued by the Canadian Conference of the Arts and the Canadian Arts Coalition, thereby also ensuring shared prosperity and high standard of living. Moreover, the arts also intrinsically contribute to high standard of living by providing individual benefits such as improving health, lowering stress and fostering a sense of Canadian identity, all three of which have been determined in a recent Canadian study to be the strongest predictors of higher life satisfaction."

CAPACOA 2011 Pre-budget Brief : Culturally Significant