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Survey Results Support Submission to the Canada Revenue Agency

March 14, 2012 - Although The Value of Presenting study isn't even half way through, its preliminary outcomes can already influence policy development.

"Almost seven in ten arts presenting organizations (69 per cent) feel that presenters have an important role in assisting local artists and presenting their work."

CAPACOA quoted this finding from the Survey of Presenters and several others in an addendum in support to the submission Performing Arts Presentation: An Important Partner of the Charitable Sector, made  to the Canada Revenue Agency in January. This addendum further substantiates arguments made in favour of charitable registration for arts presenters, notably around the notion of support to local artists as a public benefit.

For questions or comments on this addendum or on the submission, please contact Frédéric Julien, project manager.

Performing Arts Presentation: An Important Partner of the Charitable Sector – Addendum


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