Renewal of Canadian Heritage Programs: Understanding our Role

January 7, 2013 - The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance has tabled its pre-budget consultation report.

The renewal of Canadian Heritage programs, such as the Canada Arts Presentation Fund, is mentioned in the report. This was a request made in CAPACOA's pre-budget brief and at Arts Day on the Hill.

Four Canadian Heritage programs are up for renewal by March 2015: the Canada Arts Presentation Fund, the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, the Canada Cultural Investment Fund, the Canada Arts Training Fund. Of the $120 million or so that the government invests in these programs annually, nearly $80 million (or 2/3 of the total) is coming up for renewal. The renewal process is underway, beginning with the summative evaluation of these programs. This will eventually be followed by the submission of Memorandums to Cabinet, and, hopefully, by the renewal of parliamentary appropriations in the March 2014 budget estimates. Learn more about Program Renewal.

CAPACOA and other presenting networks have been proactive with regard to the renewal process. By conducting The Value of Presenting study, which highlighted the individual and community benefits of performing arts presentation and of cultural venues, we have made available valuable information on the impact of these key programs. This study has been and will be considered by the department of the Canadian Heritage throughout the renewal process.

You may also play a role, and now is a good time to get involved. Here are a few simple and effective actions you can take:

  • Send your MP a thank you note for any public funding your organization has recently received;
  • Invite your MP to see a show;
  • Ask your MP for a meeting to discuss the difference that public funding of the arts is making in your riding.

Check our Advocacy Toolkit for more tips.



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