Placing Culture & Creativity at the Heart of Development

May 17, 2013 - The future depends on culture. That's why UNESCO held an international congress and issued the Hangzhou Declaration on culture and sustainable development.

Culture: key to sustainable developmentHow can we make the most of culture for economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion? How can we place culture, innovation, and creativity at the heart of public policy? These are the kinds of questions that world leaders have sought to address on May 15-17 at the Hangzhou International Congress organized by UNESCO.

The Congress concluded with the release of a Declaration urging governments, civil society and the private sector to harness the power of culture in addressing the world’s most pressing developmental challenges, such as environmental sustainability, poverty, and social inclusion.

Such statements are very congruent with the kind of messaging that CAPACOA has been conveying in its last prebudget brief and with the findings of The Value of Presenting. We will keep a watch on the aftermath of the conference and we count on the sector to bring the positive messages of the Hangzhou Declaration to Canadian policy makers.



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