Connecting with MPs Over the Summer

June 21, 2013 - What does summer mean to you? Festival season? Time at a cottage? Time with your family? Or perhaps your mind turns to bbq’s, community gatherings and the chance to finally catch up with your neighbours?

Community events are a wonderful way to reconnect with friends – and your friendly MP, MPP or MLA and city councillors. Our politicians are in their ridings during the summer months supporting important local initiatives and enjoying being out and about with their constituents. Some of them are also putting up their own bbq's. These are wonderful opportunities for you to remind your elected representatives what’s important to you about where you live. What makes your town or city a better place to be? Why do you love your neighbourhood?

Make sure you know who your MP is and look for them this summer in your riding. Talk to them about what’s important to your family, as someone who shares the same streets as they do. Need help on how to have the conversation? There is excellent advice in our arts promotion toolkit.

The more we can talk together about why the arts are important to us as Canadians, particularly when key Canadian Heritage programs are up for renewal, the easier it becomes for politicians to champion their social, economic, cultural and community value.



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